What is PurpleThrone? 

We are the Amazon.com of the Music Industry. 

In the same way that Amazon gives you the best products of what you are looking for, we recommend the best music of what you are looking for.

Imagine – You’re walking through Washington Square Park (nyc)– you see an incredible street band. Instead of dropping a dollar and never seeing that band again, you send them a PurpleCoin via the PurpleThrone music app. As a new fan, you instantly gain access to their entire music catalog, exclusive fan club and special events. As an artist, you can either hold your “tips” as an asset investment or cash out with the company.

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The fun, cool way people access new music

Fans stay on the cutting edge of the next big thing in music.
Artists receive instant rewards and mass exposure.

Artists & Development Dept.

Artists can use PurpleCoin to purchase company services from branding to booking & performing.

Smart UI Control

Transfer PurpleCoin to any user with a PurpleCoin wallet fast, easy and secure. User can buy food, drinks, concert tickets, albums, merchandise, etc. at any PurpleThrone location.

A Fungible Currency

Easily exchange PurpleCoin for fiat currency right on the PurpleThrone network.

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