PurpleThrone = Freedom

We back musicians with a variety of tools and products to create endless possibilities to market and monetize their brand.

Imagine – You’re walking through Washington Square Park (nyc)– you see an incredible street band. Instead of dropping a dollar in their bucket and never seeing that band again, you “tip” them in PurpleCoin (PPC) via the PurpleThrone music app. As a new fan, you have the freedom to “tip” in fractions of a penny, while gaining instant access to their entire music catalog. As an artist, you have the freedom to LIVE stream your performance and accept “tips” from fans around the world. You can then save your “tips” as an asset investment (ala a 401K plan) or cash out directly with PurpleThrone.

PurpleThrone PurpleCoin World Wide

The fun, cool way people access new music

Fans enjoy a more efficient and personal music experience.
Artists skip big contracts, stay indie, and use new technology to cash in.
PurpleThrone- Uber- Facebook -Bitcoin- Airbnb- Alibaba decentralize trends
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PurpleThrone token supply distribution
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Artists & Development Dept.

Artists can use PurpleCoin to purchase company services from branding to booking & performing.

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Smart UI Control

Users can buy food, drinks, concert tickets, albums, merchandise, etc. at any PurpleThrone venue location or the PurpleThrone music app.

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A Fungible Currency

Musicians can easily exchange PurpleCoin for fiat currency right on the PurpleThrone music app.

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