About Us

Welcome to PurpleThrone!  The fun, cool way people access new music.

PurpleThrone was created to revolutionize the way modern society consumes, shares and discovers new music. PurpleThrone is the most lucrative way for artists to monetize their visual content and a fun and engaging way for fans to discover new favorites.

Stage one– Submit your video.  You will enter into our initial internal screening process.  If approved, your video will be published on the PurpleThrone app and ready to be judged by the worlds greatest fans.

Stage two– Artists can earn PurpleCoin currency by submitting their latest music videos and promoting it to their friends, fans and family.  Users cast their vote on their favorite songs by simply swiping left for dislike, right for like or up to skip.

Our algorithm takes into account all actions by the user~ (plays, re-plays, skips, likes, dislikes and favorites).  We delete poorly rated performances, while promoting highly rated videos.  However no performance lasts longer than 6 weeks, as we incite a consistent flow of new hits.

Stage three-  Artists who receive the most PurpleCoin can spend their money on a number of PurpleThrone’s        career-making services. We offer personal styling, high-end photo-shoots, personal training, diet coaching, exclusive interviews, performance opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, wardrobe makeovers, T.V. advertisements, and a wide array of video & music production services.