About Us

PurpleThrone is the only music streaming platform that utilizes cryptocurrency to launch Independent Artists.

We are the Amazon.com of the music Industry. In the same way that Amazon gives you the best products of what you are looking for, we give you the best music of what you are looking for. We then give musicians free tools to both market and monetize their products on our cryptocurrency.  We’ve assembled tens of thousands of great artists from all over the world into this innovative new service, tailored-made to match your personal taste, likeness and preference.

Imagine – You’re walking through Washington Square Park (nyc)– you see an incredible street band. Instead of dropping a dollar in their bucket and never seeing that band again, you “tip” them in PurpleCoin (PPC) via the PurpleThrone music app. As a new fan, you have the freedom to “tip” in fractions of a penny, while gaining instant access to their entire music catalog. As an artist, you have the freedom to LIVE stream your performance and accept tips from fans around the world. You can then save your “tips” as an asset investment (ala a 401K plan) or cash out directly with PurpleThrone.

Cryptocurrency technology makes it all possible.  This technology is transparent and circulated by millions of users.  PurpleCoin (PPC) creates wealth for artists, with zero subscription fees.  PurpleCoin gives artists a superior route to monetizing their brand without any third-party (digital music aggregator) fees.

PurpleThrone = Freedom

We provide fans with a tailored-made music experience based on their personal taste, likeness and preference.  We back musicians with a variety of tools and products to create endless possibilities to market and monetize their brand.