The Power of Purple

So, what’s in it for the fans besides the great music treasures they discover? Fans receive huge discounts when they use PPC at PurpleThrone sponsored events plus V.I.P access to concerts and artists. You can become a Purple Person, a high status in the PurpleThrone platform, upon attaining certain levels of artist PPC contributions. Purple…

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PurpleCoin: Leveraging the Blockchain to Support Underground Artists

  This article was originally published on and can be found here.  Written by Malachy Caldwell In his Internet of Money series, Andreas Antonopolous, arguably the world’s leading blockchain intellectual, discusses the implications of the emerging, blockchain-inspired phenomenon of tokenisation. Antonopolous makes the observation that, aside from the fact that we may now be…

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An Interview with Master of LIT-erature and PurpleThrone Artist Nik Moody

Like Tupac and his love for Shakespeare and Jay Z’s synonymy with the Great Gatsby, Brooklyn-born rapper Nik Moody wears his literary inspirations on his sleeve. The poetry slammer-turned rhyme spitter has a flow that is aggressive-yet-vulnerable as he raps social commentary of the internet age to personal stories based on his own experiences, from…

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