PurpleThrone interview with Nik Moody

An Interview with Master of LIT-erature and PurpleThrone Artist Nik Moody

Like Tupac and his love for Shakespeare and Jay Z’s synonymy with the Great Gatsby, Brooklyn-born rapper Nik Moody wears his literary inspirations on his sleeve. The poetry slammer-turned rhyme spitter has a flow that is aggressive-yet-vulnerable as he raps social commentary of the internet age to personal stories based on his own experiences, from…

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PurpleThrone The Power of Purple gifting music for your ears

The Power Of Purple: The Press Release

  Tokenized Music Platform PurpleThrone Is Harmonizing Digital Currency and BlockChain Technology  Streaming platform and digital record label that is incorporating the use of Blockchain technology and tokenization, has launched its own initial coin offering to elevate its current operations and build a global entertainment service providing empire.   The crowd sale begins February 26,…

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