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Aziz M. Bey_PurpleThrone CEO

The PurpleThrone Story

The PurpleThrone story is the culmination of Aziz M. Bey’s thriving love for the music industry, vision of developing young emerging talent and helping them discover their audience. Aziz was always known as a maverick who marched to the beat of a different drummer. A true genius, Aziz was highly qualified as an inventor, a…

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The Power of Purple

So, what’s in it for the fans besides the great music treasures they discover? Fans receive huge discounts when they use PPC at PurpleThrone sponsored events plus V.I.P access to concerts and artists. You can become a Purple Person, a high status in the PurpleThrone platform, upon attaining certain levels of artist PPC contributions. Purple…

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PurpleThrone The Power of Purple gifting music for your ears

The Power Of Purple: The Press Release

  Tokenized Music Platform PurpleThrone Is Harmonizing Digital Currency and BlockChain Technology  Streaming platform and digital record label that is incorporating the use of Blockchain technology and tokenization, has launched its own initial coin offering to elevate its current operations and build a global entertainment service providing empire.   The crowd sale begins February 26,…

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