Introducing The PurpleCoin Pendant.

While the PurpleCoin’s BIGGEST secret is for Pendant owners only– Here are a few distinguished PERKS:

Guaranteed front row tickets to concerts
Exclusive access to high-profile events
Deluxe concierge service

Independence reimagined.

The finest personalized online music experience for fans across the globe.

Cutting-edge tools that create dynamic opportunities for artists to secure, market and monetize their brand.

Adapts to you, so you don’t have to adapt to it

• Contextual targeting technology
• Advanced analytics

Intelligent performance recognizes patterns in your mobile behavior and optimizes your feed based on them—even predicting future performance and the latest hit videos ahead of time.

The Future of LIVE Entertainment

An outlet for those who lead, wish to lead or dream about becoming a superstar.

Anyone can make it to the top. Prosperity and stardom can be achieved on the PurpleThrone Music app.

Performance and power

And this is just the beginning.

The next generation takes shape

Explore how PurpleThrone transforms the way you experience new music.

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