1) How is PPC different than the VOISE, PINDIFY, OPUS, etc ?

2) What three sentences that explains PPC to musicians without going into decentralization?

Musicians submit content for free to earn PPC.  They then use their PPC to book venues and studios.  Musicians sell tickets to fans directly on the app circumventing 3rd party fees.

3) Why the name PurpleThrone? Anything to do with Prince?

We are definitely fans of Prince; however, Purple is the color of royalty and that’s how we treat our artists, users and PPC owners.

4) Does an artist store his PurpleCoin on our platform or can he use his own ERC20 compatible wallet?

Artists may store their PPC directly on any ERC20 compatible wallet.

5) When will the Android app be released?

We are currently working to release the Android version. We are targeting July to begin Beta testing.

6) Why use blockchain for our product?

7) Will the platform be expanded to audio and not just videos?

The platform will expand from beyond just videos to include strictly audio content as well.  Artists will be able to sell content and merchandise directly under their profile pages using PPC.

8) As a buyer of PPC, what can I use my tokens for?

9) What factors do you expect will lead to a rise in value of PurpleCoin?

While we do not speculate on coin appreciation, we fully anticipate:

10) How do I collaborate with PurpleThrone?

Send us an email: info@purplethrone.com