Forward Development

While Beta launch of the PurpleThrone App will increase capabilities dramatically, adding PurpleCoin payments and artist tracking, there is much more in store.  As a company, PurpleThrone seeks to stay on the cutting edge of technology and will always seek to take its brand and product capabilities to great new heights.  This following sub sections highlight a few product upgrades, app features, and company improvements that PurpleThrone will implement in the future.

a. Digital Marketplace

Artist profiles will serve not just as a store of information, but as a digital marketplace where their digital audio and video content as well as any hard copy production and even merchandise can be purchased directly by users with PPC.  Additional information such as upcoming performance schedules, lyrics, social media handles, production credits, and copywrite information will also be featured on profile pages.  This system will also be available to non-music content creators such as film makers, photographers, visual/graphic artists, etc. to facilitate the sale of their artwork.

b. Local Studio/Venue Booking

PurpleThrone can’t possibly be everywhere in the world where its artists require studio time and venue booking.  With this feature on the app, it won’t have to be.  By simply opening the map and location tracker page on the app, users will be able to locate local studios and venues that partner with PurpleThrone.  By selecting a participating studio or venue by location, a user would be able to not only see hourly rates and openings, but also instantly book studio or show times with PPC, as well as rate their experience for other users to reference.  An immediate confirmation will be sent to the artist and transfer of PPC from their account to the facility.  If a given facility makes itself available on the app, but refuses to accept PPC as payment, an artist would be able to pay PurpleThrone, which will then deposit fiat with the facility in the artists’ name.

c. PurpleThrone Blockchain

Once proven and widely adopted by the community, PPC will become a native token and will live on its own blockchain where music rights are protected and stored. The idea is to hash a set of metadata from the song file (m1), with a value paid from the “license buyer” (m2) based on VMAC algorithm – Message Authentication Code using Universal Hashing – introduced by Wei Dei and Ted Krovetz in 2007.

d. Purple Hardware

As part of its international branding campaign, PurpleThrone will have its own line of cool products such as wireless headphones, USB storage devices, and limited edition musical instruments and equipment.  Purple Hardware will be available for purchase directly on the app with PPC and will also be offered as perks for top contributors.

e. PurplePerks

PurplePerks are rewards for active PPC contributors and more ways than just artist contributions for PPC owners to use their coins. Users with the highest PPC contributions to a particular artist receive free perks in the form of concert tickets, exclusive content, PurpleThrone products (wireless headphones), and much more.  After contributing a substantial amount of PPC, users will receive PurplePerson status symbolized in the form of a personalized, full size, and playable PurpleRecord (songs of their choosing).

This status, as represented as an update to their app profiles, makes them eligible for V.I.P. access to all PurplePalaces and participating venues, as well as special meet and greets with their favorite artists.  With cool tiered access to content, and V.I.P access to special events and concerts, this is where fans are rewarded for consistent contributions to their favorite artists and use of the app.  There are no limits to the amounts and kinds of perks PPC owners will have access to as each artist and venue will have their own sets of great rewards and uses.