Are you ready for your breakthrough in the music industry?

Top Our Charts and we give you the resources to conquer the real world! 


    • $20,000 feature in our New York City Subway Commercials.
    • Headline your own show.
    • Article in our online magazine.
    • Exclusive ‘one-on-one’ Interview.
    • Front page website exposure.
    • PurpleThrone #1 charting plaque.


    • Download the app. (iOS only)-
    • Submit your video here or email the link to Videos only.
    • All video submissions undergo our A&R quality control protocol.
    • Activate your fans to swipe RIGHT on your video for FIRE. LEFT for SH*T. and UP to SKIP.
    • The more fire – the higher you rank! Rankings are updated every Sunday. Monitor your ranking weekly to see where you stand versus the competition.

Charts reset after 8 weeks.

Some artists stay at #1 for months.   However, your best chance to dethrone the king or queen is after 8 weeks.


Use your PurpleCoin to pay for any of our career-making services including: video and music production, personal styling, photo-shoots, personal training, diet coaching, venue rentals, wardrobe makeovers, and much more. With the best customer experience, your brand will never be the same.


Every artist receives a metric score. This score is influenced by your total subscriptions, views, likes, dislikes, skips, sales, tips and fan engagement with your music.


Our advanced technology offers every artist efficient, low-cost, transparent and Immutable copyright protection.


PurpleThrone pays out in cryptocurrency-

PurpleCoin (PurpleThrone ownership). As the value of PurpleCoin grows, so does your money. You have the option to cash-in your PurpleCoin in for USD, use it to purchase career-making services OR stash it away for a rainy day. No third party. You have complete control over your brand, your style, your music, your royalties.

We offer charting artists the chance to earn PurpleCoin, professional production services, billboard placements,  paid performance opportunities and much, much more. 

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