PurpleThrone Concert Review


When an independent musician is busking in gritty subway stations and bustling city parks, the need to roundup a dollar – or loose change – is crucial to support the artist but there’s a better alternative to a crumbled-up dollar bill: payment in PurpleCoin. PurpleCoin, a digital currency made possible by PurpleThrone, gives the listener the on-the-streets ability to track their dollar contribution throughout the on-the-rise musician’s career just by scanning a QR code or looking up the artist on the PurpleThrone app. This is what Aziz Bey, founder of PurpleThrone, has dreamed up in vivid detail and is now devoting everything to his passion for music and independent artists.

The merging of musicians, information, and technology collided at the PurpleThrone presented and curated event that went down Tuesday evening at Brooklyn club Tender Trap, featuring the variety of talents found on the ethical streaming service. From rapper TCO Breeze, the sultry Adrianna to aspiring popstar Meghan Irving, the concert showed off that independence is liberating. Hosted by Amazonian model and musician Staci B. whose enthusiasm about PurpleThrone was infectious as she described it as almost Tinder-esque because the app gives the listener the power to swipe right on a banger (flame emoji) and swipe left on a bummer track (poop emoji).

Starting off hot with pop songstress Meghan Irving, a singer-songwriter who oozed confidence as she busted out jam after jam about doomed relationships and leaving that jerk in the dust, treated us to new material off of her new EP 5, as all the tracks were written during her commute on the 5 train. Irving’s energy was additive as she moved to her music like a seasoned popstar, her soaring vocals could make anyone – even the most cynical critic – swing to the beat.

With a metallic shower cap glowing in the stage lighting and colorful layers – including a watermelon button-up, checkered shorts, and a shirt with a silkscreened babe – Breeze TCO AKA TheChosenOne AKA Boy with the Shower Cap, killed it as he spitted rhymes, including lyrics about “chicken noodles.” Backed by beats and backup vocals that gave him a unique sound, his rapping was layered with his own voice on the pre-recorded backtrack, Breeze TCO was a quirky bad boy the rap game needs right now.

Leaving the crowd intoxicated with rhythm, the club was enchanted by song-bird sorcerer Adrianna. Dressed in minimalist all-black, her powerful voice was supported by trip-hop beats as she filled the audience with her brand of soulful R&B that would make neo-soul artist Kehlani envious. When brand-new banger “Swim” was unleased, the feeling of ecstasy was in the air.

PurpleThrone not only gives the listener the chance to support their choice independent artist, as it unites like-minded fans of music together – in the club, at the park, in the train – to give back and enjoy the aural magic of music. That’s the true power of purple.