Our Ecosystem

The PurpleCoin Ecosystem

The PurpleThrone ecosystem ushers in a new era of community and decentralized ownership, bringing life to a vibrant contrivance of digital services that impacts our everyday life.

PurpleThrone revolutionizes the way modern society consumes, shares and discovers new music.

We’ve solved three poignant discrepancies in the music industry today:

i. The extreme difficulty for independent artists to monetize their brand.
ii. The painful task of filtering through tons of generic music to find what you like.
iii. Securing artists copyrights in an efficient, low-cost, transparent and Immutable way.

The PurpleThrone App solves all three problems at once by paying artists lucratively, serving fans tailored music that match their exact taste and issuing copyright keys to artists secured on the blockchain with military grade encryption.

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