Our Team

Smart people. Brilliant ideas.WHO'S BEHIND ALL THIS?

Winner of the Michael R. Bloomberg, NYC Proclamation, Aziz has over 10 years’ experience in the music and entertainment Industry. Some key accomplishments are landing partnership deals with Target, Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry. With a B.A. in Finance from the University of Memphis and advanced training from Harvard Education Lab, Aziz has mastered digital analytics, quantitative & qualitative data. Aziz is also a dedicated father and Knick fan.

Aziz M. Bey

Founder/CEO/Lead Developer

Erik is a life-long lover and player of music with several years of experience in the Music Industry and a professional background in Commodities Trading/Brokering and international shipping. He graduated with honors from Manhattan College in 2010 with a B.A. in International Business. His passion for music and video production is boundless. During his spare time he enjoys painting, traveling, and playing sports.

Erik Kops

COO/Head of A&R

Having studied economics and law at the renowned University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland, Timothy Pfannkuchen is working as an editor for a variety of Switzerland’s largest print and online media within the global automotive industry since almost two decades and as a PR professional in the music industry since 2012. Based close to Zurich, Switzerland, the married Swiss author and writer has been a staff member of PurpleThrone since its very beginning. He also is a member of media award committees in his home country of Switzerland and committed to promoting young musical talents. In his private life, he lives his love for vintage automobiles.

Timothy Pfannkuchen

PR Advisor/Co-Founder

Spawning out of the analog age and into the digital age, Kyle Bailey continues to grow in an age of competitive marketing. With a 10 year history in the entertainment industry by Co-Founding BxC Entertainment Machine, Kyle was recruited by PurpleThrone as Senior VP of Marketing to propel PT into a top contender in the tech and music arena using innovative strategies.

Kyle Bailey

Sr. VP Marketing and Event Activation

Kirk began working in the broadcast media industry as a live video director in 2010. There isn't much he hasn't done when it comes to content creation, including work for big-name clients like iHeartMedia, Toyota, and the NBA. Before relocating to the East Coast, he hosted his own weekday morning radio show on Portland, Oregon's ALT102.3 where he pioneered socially driven new music benchmarks and maintained an unrivaled blog documenting trending news and new releases in the format. Now residing in Brooklyn, New York, he is tirelessly innovating across mediums and finding new ways for artists and fans to connect. During downtime, he maintains an S+ rank in Splatoon 2 and likes to learn Jim Croce songs on his 1935 Gibson.

Kirk Enbysk

Creative Design and Digital Producer

Anthony Baffo

Associate Producer/Director of Content

Alex is a filmmaking student with a passion for directing and photography. As an aspiring photographer and filmmaker, Alex has a small portfolio (@alehuart) on which he is continuing to build, Alex has helped assist on sets, as well as just wrapped up his first short film. Being a visual artist, Alex appreciates the composition and creativity of photography as well as film. He loves the freedom he has with both and knows he is meant to be behind the lens. In his spare time he enjoys riding waves and keeping a tight pocket behind the kit.

Alex Ajello

Director of Photography

Molly Nemer is a visual storyteller engaging in all aspects of the video production process. She graduated from the University of Rochester in May 2017 with majors in Digital Media Studies + Film and Media Studies and a minor in Anthropology.

Molly Nemer

Video Editor

Cheyenne Hunt

Video Editor

John Mark Alston is a Digital Media Editor based in Birmingham, AL. John Mark graduated with a focus in Film Editing from SCAD in 2017. He loves the process of collaborating with a director and working out the beats in their story, and finding the most expedient and engaging way to tell a story. He works at PurpleThrone doing editing and color correcting/grading work.

John Mark Alston

Video Editor

Lindsey has a background building healthcare technology companies focused on helping children with autism and disabilities have better access to their health services. An avid crypto-enthusist, Lindsey is heavily involved with the NYC crypto community, partnering with early-stage companies as a strategic advisor. He is involved with Starting Blocks crypto incubator, and is a member of the NYCEDC breakthrough network and NJIT Cohort.

Lindsey Winder

Cryptocurrency Advisor

After graduating with her Degree in Criminology, and working in the legal industry, Dominic followed her love for music and transitioned into a career as an Artistic Manager. Dominic has been able to create career strategies to help artists stay relevant in the music scene by booking numerous events, promoting, helping in the creation process and etc. Dominic is a hard worker, self-starter, and never minds losing sleep to go the extra mile for what she believes in.

Dominic Hart

A&R Representative

Finance Professional with extensive experience in equity research and investment banking, deep domain expertise in enterprise software. Proven success in identifying strategic opportunities, effectively articulating actionable insights based on rigorous analysis of technology, operations, competition and markets. Accomplished public speaker, writer and evangelist.

Ed Maguire

Cryptocurrency Strategist

Nina is a journalism student with a focus on music history and culture. At age 17, she founded her site Golden Audio Music, and began interviewing prestigious alternative acts such as PVRIS, Flyleaf, and Frank Iero (formerly of My Chemical Romance). Now, at 21, she is working her way up the music industry ladder in hopes of leaving her mark. She loves finding out what makes musicians tick, and delving into their music in innovative ways. In her spare time, she works tirelessly to perfect the art of the grilled cheese.

Nina Fitzgerald

Creative Content Editor