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The PurpleCoin (PPC) Medallion grants you the opportunity to invest in the artists you loveWe designed The PurpleCoin Medallion to be fashionable, permit you inside access to the stars, and help you reach your financial goals. As the value of our company rises, so does your PurpleCoin Medallion.  Each Medallion comes with a minimum of 100 digital PurpleCoin Crypto pre-installed.  You have the option to trade-in your medallion in for cash or use it to purchase career-making services.  Check Purplethrone.com everyday to check the latest value of your PurpleCoin Medallion.


PurpleCoin is an open source cryptographic token wallet.  PurpleCoin is non-inflationary, fractionally divisible and of fixed supply.  The Ethereum blockchain network utilizes a verification methodology, which allows PurpleThrone to distribute equity to millions of artists and investors world-wide.  It is this ecosystem, which allows our community to trade PurpleCoin for goods and services provided by producers, musicians, songwriters, creators, influencers, merchandisers, vendors and developers.

The PurpleCoin cryptographic token is the best way for artists to monetize their content and simultaneously a vehicle to facilitate commerce both digitally or at our brick and mortar locations.

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