PurpleThrone Just Dropped the Updated White Paper and It’s Fire

image from the new white paper

Like an artist dropping a hot new single, PurpleThrone’s improved white paper is here, and it’s a banger.

Before the update, the white paper was just that: white. And even despite the lack of color, it was an informative document outlining PurpleThrone’s mission. But now, the manifesto of purple proportions has evolved into a colorful and bold philosophical statement that contains everything from white paper’s past with striking new content.

To appeal to our hearts, the addition of real-life case studies – one in the musician’s shoes, the other through the eyes of a listener – allows us to visualize just how potent the power of purple is. Also, the addition of high resolution pictures of musicians rocking out paired with informative and colorful graphs helps get the (purple) party started right.

With the updates, white paper has never been so purple.


The improved white paper can be found here

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