The PurpleThrone Story

The PurpleThrone story is the culmination of Aziz M. Bey’s thriving love for the music industry, vision of developing young emerging talent and helping them discover their audience.

Aziz was always known as a maverick who marched to the beat of a different drummer. A true genius, Aziz was highly qualified as an inventor, a trendsetter, a philosopher and a staunch defender of his customer. His roots were planted during the housing bubble era where necessity was the mother of invention.

The dream began while working in the night life and entertainment industry in 2004.  NY Perks was the local home for everyone in the creative arts community.  NY Perks hosted local and national touring acts like “Grizzly Bear,” “Mobb Deep,” “Onyx” and “Florence & The Machine.” Interacting with these artists inspired Aziz to get involve to find new audiences for their music all over the world.

With the birth of his daughter Azmeera L. Bey In 2006, Aziz turned his attention to building his music company and formed NY Perks Entertainment, Inc.  Aziz concentrated on developing diverse young talent and molding them into technically innovative and performing professionals.  The music would be rooted in real-life experiences and fortified with economic prosperity.

Dedication is not necessitated merely for the sake of running a start-up, it is the very underpinning of the dream, only possible with the multi-facets offered by each of us.  With a heavy focus on quality, innovation and performance, it was in 2012 where Aziz signed his most dynamic artist, 11 year old Denise Bestman.

The world first saw Denise Bestman during a Grammy night Target ad where she belted out Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” in front of 30 million viewers.  With Denise’s uncanny ability to move emotions, Denise built an audience that culturally spanned the globe.   However when advertising agencies ubiquitously overlooked her as a client,  Aziz began dreaming of a way in which fans could monetarily back independent artists in a more boutique, all-inclusive, direct relationship. 

Aziz taught himself to code in order to create the Alpha version of PurpleThrone, an application where music fans can discover music videos from dynamic independent artists.  In 2017, PurpleThrone was launched.

This alpha product contained Independent artists personally scouted by PurpleThrone agents and igniting a string of influential, yet powerful LIVE concert series.

Ever-evolving and inventing, Aziz continued his success by creating the PurpleCoin™ (PPC™).  A virtual currency, that enables direct micro-payments from fans to musicians.  It also grants musicians access to the global pool of capital and earnings that these investments generate.  PurpleCoin™ gives artists a superior route to monetizing their brand without any third-party (digital music aggregator) fees.

Embracing the ever-changing market of young socialites, Aziz designed the PurpleCoin™ Necklace edition.  A brand that adorns the body, empowers the spirit and offers fans a stylish way to partake in the wealth generating wonders of PurpleCoin™.

PurpleThrone is the harmony between artists, fans and our relentless pursuit for superior satisfaction.  We redefine the spirit of independence that runs through the veins of all of us, artists, fans alike.

We hope your experience at PurpleThrone speaks for itself… It is our privilege to have you here.