What is PurpleThrone

PurpleThrone is a Global Music Streaming Community for indie musicians that utilizes Cryptocurrency, PurpleCoin (PPC) to launch Independent Brands.

We provide fans with tailored-music from the best independent musicians in the world. We then equip musicians with the necessary tools to both market and monetize their products using the latest artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. 


A digital platform which consists of tens of thousands of the best independent musicians from across the globe.  We use advanced technology to adapt this content to fans individual taste, likeness and profile. We offer musicians an assortment of tools to customize, market and monetize their brand.

Artists may customize their offering however they like.

Additional industry disruptive utilities include, but are not limited to: 1- Tokenized Royalties
2- Trustless music rights management platform
3- Fast Tx with low fees and low cost of infrastructure